Bison down is the soft undercoat of the American Bison.This undercoat is shed annually and consists of fine, soft fibers which are very warm and protect the animal from harsh winter conditions.

Bison fiber is made up of course guard hairs and fine downy hairs.The guard hairs are hollow and range from 21 to 110 microns in diameter, with an average 59 microns.The fine downy hairs are solid and are covered with fine scales. Downy fibers range in diameter from 12 to 29 microns. The fiber micron average for the downy hair in dominant animals is 21.8.

Their down coat is made up of a short, soft fiber that is warmer than wool and softer than cashmere and Blended with a combination of US Merino wool, spandex, and nylon.Bison down coat is a soft and insulating fiber with many properties more advanced than the world’s best wool. This “down” coat is one of the reasons Bison have been able to survive in extreme climates of both hot and cold for millennia.Compared to wool, bison down sock is warmer, better for moisture control, more durable and easier to care for.

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