Burlap fabric is a strong, coarsely woven cloth made of fibers of jute, flax, or hemp.Burlap is used to form storage bags for grains, potatoes and other bulky materials.Cloth made of burlap is also used in the formation of linoleum floor covering.A form of this material may also be found in the underside of carpeting, providing a base for the individual fibers.

Characteristics of Burlap fabric:

  • Barlap has a distinct earthy scent.
  • Barlap is a coarse (rough / scratchy) material compared to traditional fabrics like Polyester or Cotton.
  • Barlap should not be machine washed or dried in a drying machine.
  • Barlap can have naturally occurring imperfections or blemishes.
  • Barlap is made from plant fibers, and therefore is prone to shedding tiny fibers.
  • Burlap is also biodegradable.
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