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Jeans is one garment worn by people of all ages around the world.Introduced by Levi Strauss as a copper riveted cotton trouser in the 2nd half of the 19th century, jeans has today become a type of trouser that is seen in the wardrobe of most men and women across the world.
Jeans is considered casual wear and worn by men and women outside workplaces.Students cannot live without their basic 5 pocket jeans and have many pairs of jeans in their wardrobes to be ready for all occasions.Blue is the color that gives jeans their unique identity though today they are available in many over dyed colors.
Denim is the fabric whereas jeans is the trouser that is made of denim cloth.Denim is used to make not just jeans but also shirts and skirts apart from many other accessories.All jeans are denim, but not all denims are jeans. Denim is a fashion fabric used to make many things, whereas jeans is just one of the garments made from denim.
The word “denim” comes from the phrase “serge de Nimes,” referring to a fabric that originated in the French town of Nimes. The fabric was worn by cotton plantation workers in the 18th century because of its strength and ability to wear well. Known primarily in the present day as the fabric from which blue jeans are made, denim can be used to make jackets, skirts and other kinds of clothing and even upholstery.
Denim is made from cotton, which is spun and freed of any debris. The fabric is made using a weave called twill, where dyed and natural threads are spun together in a particular pattern which creates a diagonal effect on its surface.
A distinguishing feature of denim is its blue color.To achieve this, some threads are dyed indigo and eventually interlaced with the natural-colored crosswise threads. The color sits on top of the fabric, leading to its potential to fade as it is washed. Turning the product inside out is recommended to prevent fading.
Denim is very strong and does not snag or tear easily. It is also breathable, can be ironed at a high temperature and creases easily. Suitable for long wear, it is quite stiff when new, but softens with continued washing and wear.


Typical “classic” men’s jocks or briefs, consist of spandex-enhanced fabric, usually cotton, with a smooth texture. First sold in the USA by Jockey in the 1935, briefs typically feature a vertical fly for comfort and function. However, modern-day companies popularized the y-front brief as well as the horizontal fly.

The first briefs were nicknamed “Tighty Whites” for their monotone white color. Generic briefs such as these became wildly popular throughout the 1950s. Today, classic briefs remain on the Men’s underwear market in hundreds of solid colors, prints and stripes.

A classic underwear choice, briefs are a tight-fitting and a very short type of men’s underwear. Briefs feature an elastic waistband and elastic leg holes that run across the very tops of the legs and through the crotch area. Most briefs feature a fly hole in the front for easy access when the wearer visit the men’s room. Briefs offer the most support to a man. Since they are quite tight-fitting, the wearer can feel warmer wearing them when compared to other types of underwear.


One might be tempted to think it is any jacket that happens to be worn without matching pants.The Oxford American Dictionary describes it as a “sports jacket not worn with matching trousers.”

These blazer jackets only had two buttons to allow rowers the freedom to move around without restriction.Today,you can find many varieties of the blazer jacket due to the way it highlights a man’s build. It is also one of the most versatile jackets you can own.

It is often mistaken to be one and the same as the sports jacket. However, there are some subtle differences between the two that make each of them.unique fabric plays the most crucial role in the differentiation of the blazer compared to the suit and sports jackets.

The main fabrics used for the blazer are:

  • Worsted Wool Common, easy to find, but can make a blazer look like an orphaned suit jacket.
  • Serge,Usually clear finished, serge has been a staple fabric in military uniforms for many years.Typically has a flat, diagonally-shaped rib pattern.
  • Cashmere,Soft and luxurious, a 100% cashmere blazer is a great option to pair with chinos.Durability is a small issue but quality of the cashmere plays a role in this as well.
  • Flannel,Most often created from wool or cotton, flannel is a soft weave usually woven in twill.
  • Fresco, A rare fabric, created from multiple yarns in wool, the fresco fabric is usually created in a plain weave. A great fabric for the summer due to its thin lining but not recommended as an all-season fabric.

Blazer Jacket Colors:

  • Navy blue is the color of choice for the blazer.
  • Blazer jackets can also come in bright, vibrant colors, especially when associated with clubs and boating events.
  • Green,red and bright stripes are occasionally seen and have significance, as they identify the wearer as a club member or part of a team.

Common Types of Blazers:

  • 2-Button Single-Breasted. Pretty common among blazers. Quite possibly the most versatile piece you can own, especially if you get one in a foundation color such as navy blue.
  • 3-Button Single-Breasted. 3-buttoned blazers are slowly gaining acceptance in menswear to compete with its two-button counterpart. The 3-button blazer is ideal for men taller than 6 feet. Pairing a 3-buttoned blazer with different color trousers will provide further balance for taller men as well.
  • 6-Button Double-Breasted. A 6-button double-breasted blazer with jetted pockets is synonymous with formal wear. You will generally find peaked lapels on blazers over the notched variety, but this feature is anything but exclusive.


Linen is a type of fabric that’s sturdy, cool, and absorbent. If you’re going to a summer wedding, you should consider wearing a white linen suit.

Linen and linen blends are easy to sew and even easier to wear. Use linen for creating warm-weather suits, dresses, pants, and home décor accents.
The lightweight fabric feels comfortable and airy even when the mercury rises, so you can stay cool and pulled together.
In the last few years, linen has become popular again especially in blends for casual summer jackets or suits that lend a relaxed yet sophisticated look.