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Typical “classic” men’s jocks or briefs, consist of spandex-enhanced fabric, usually cotton, with a smooth texture. First sold in the USA by Jockey in the 1935, briefs typically feature a vertical fly for comfort and function. However, modern-day companies popularized the y-front brief as well as the horizontal fly.

The first briefs were nicknamed “Tighty Whites” for their monotone white color. Generic briefs such as these became wildly popular throughout the 1950s. Today, classic briefs remain on the Men’s underwear market in hundreds of solid colors, prints and stripes.

A classic underwear choice, briefs are a tight-fitting and a very short type of men’s underwear. Briefs feature an elastic waistband and elastic leg holes that run across the very tops of the legs and through the crotch area. Most briefs feature a fly hole in the front for easy access when the wearer visit the men’s room. Briefs offer the most support to a man. Since they are quite tight-fitting, the wearer can feel warmer wearing them when compared to other types of underwear.