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Crin Fabric (horse hair fabric) is a finely woven, slippery fabric, available in 1/2-inch to 6-inch widths and also tubular form that comes in several diameters.

There are many colors available and a wide variety of styles, such as standard plain, pleated or chenille dotted along with a lurex zigzag and other specialty pattern weaves.

It is a net-like material that is durable, easily shaped, and often used in decorating clothing.

Horsehair/Crin has many uses in the fashion world. It can be used to fashion the hat frame, or to be the dash of trim on the hat. It is frequently attached to the hem of gowns to help hold the skirt away from the body.

Le Crin is one of the rare fabric companies that produce upholstery fabrics and curtains made out of horsehair fabric.