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A track jacket is a lightweight jacket with ribbed cuffs and waistband. The front zipper runs the length of the stand-up collar, allowing it to be closed over the throat. With a lowered zipper, the collar can lie flat. This type of jacket commonly features two front slanted pockets that may be zippered, and often has contrasting piping.

Staying active, exercising, and playing sports requires the right clothing.Track clothing is lightweight and really breathable, so athletes won’t get overheated or sweaty.Athletic wear works for any kind of activity, from jogging and hiking to playing sports like basketball, tennis. The material keeps the body temperature perfectly balanced, so play longer and harder. For close contact sports like basketball or football, close-fitting men’s jackets are the best bet. The breathable material makes it easy to move, so enjoy a free range of motion during any type of physical activity.Stay active and look great while doing it by wearing the right clothing. Athletic men’s clothing makes exercise go much more smoothly.

A track jacket can be made of weatherproof nylon, casual cotton, comfy fleece, silk or satin. In addition to roomier cuts, contemporary jackets are often tailored for a slimmer, more flattering fit. A track jacket might be sold singly or with matching pants. It can be dressed down or dressed up to fit nearly any informal occasion, and the style remains as popular today as ever.

Over the years, the track jacket’s simplicity and versatility have made it adaptable to a number of styles. Today’s versions are more varied than ever. It might be a windbreaker, exercise jacket, emblem jacket, or even a pullover with classic track lines and collar. It might have contrasting panels, striped ribbing, or special pockets for personal mobile electronics, such as an MP3.