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Surgical non woven Mask is a single use filtration device made of fabric and worn over the nose and mouth of surgical staff to prevent contamination of the operative field and to protect the wearer from splashes and splatter.Surgical Mask offered find application in covering of faces that serves the needs of providing a protective barrier finish as demanded and required by the people.Made from non woven fabric, manufacturers can make these available in two layer as well as three layer configuration finish.Providing for optimum bacterial filtration efficiency, these are also made available with options of Elastic Straps and Tie bands so as to provide for proper fixing support.

The typical material used to manufacture surgical face masks are polypropylene with 20 gsm and 25 gsm polypropylene non-woven sheet.Surgical masks are available in different color like white, blue, green, yellow and pink.More effective surgical face masks which provides 85% or even 99% protection is required very fine filter layer.

Advantages of non-woven fabrics over woven fabric in filtration are higher air permeability, higher bacterial filtration efficiency, no yarn slippage and low manufacturing cost.Non-woven based surgical face masks are disposable.The non-woven technology guarantees better barrier properties than cotton, polyester or even more advanced woven products.There is a less risk of contamination after using of disposable non-wovens than reusable products either woven or knitted.