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Bengaline is a ribbed fabric similar to faille, but heavier and with a coarser rib in the filling direction.The result is a very noticeable horizontal rib with a silky surface. lt can be made of silk, wool, acetate, or rayon warp, with woolor cotton filling.but now predominantly made from acetate or polyester.The fabric was first made in Bengal, India.

It is a woven material which became fashionable for women and children to wear in the 1880s and 1890s. It offered the impression of genuine silk but was actually made with lesser amounts of silk than cotton.The fabric can be found in a wide variety of colors.Often, the textiles are dyed before they are woven together into bengaline.

The fabric has a crosswise ribbed effect made of silk, wool, or synthetic fibers.In bengaline suiting fabric,very small crosswise ribs formed by using fine warp yarns and course weft yarns and just enough stretch for added comfort and ease. Fabric is perfect for creating stylish dresses, suits, jackets, skirts and pants. Fabric has 15% vertical stretch for added comfort and ease.

It is a woven fabric with wide, raised crosswise cords or ribs that create a sturdy texture. It may be made of natural textiles, such as cotton, wool or silk, or from synthetic fibers, such as rayon or nylon; it also often is made of a combination of two different materials. The many possibilities can result in a light or a heavy fabric, but the ribbing almost always gives bengaline a sturdy feeling. It is therefore useful for trim on clothing or for making coats, suits and dresses.