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Original Islender Sweater are unisex,warm and traditional sweaters made from 100 % pure new wool.The Islender sweater originally developed in the mid-1800’s was the sweater of choice of the early Arctic and Antarctic explorers.

  • These sweaters were originally made for fishermen and other workers in the harsh climate along the Norwegian coast.
  • Today these garments have become popular mid or outer wear, perfect for cold weather. In order to achieve soft and well fitted garments, the sweaters are pre-washed.
  • The Islender is knitted from a woolen yarn to give a thick bulky fabric with a lot of insulating air space.
  • The sweater fits on the body, but by virtue of the elasticity of the wool and the give in the knitted fabric is not at all constraining.
  • This bulky knit sweater is very warm, but benefits from layering under a wind and water resistant jacket or coat when the weather turns rainy or the wind howls.