Women’s Dancewear can be made from almost any fabric. The dancewear fabrics are those that meet needs that are particular to dancewear and dance costumes like stretch fabric and novelty fabric with metallic yarns, applied glitter or sequins. Many of these fabrics are also suitable for skating costumes.

  • One of the most important categories of dancewear fabric is the nylon/spandex stretch fabric.This category of fabric is so commonly used for dancewear and other applications like skating costumes and swimwear.
  • Another important dancewear fabric is stretch velvet , a knit velvet with four-way stretch that is typically 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Stretch velvet may be machine washed. 
  • Liquid lame is a supple fabric of metallic fiber and polyester. Be sure to start with a new needle before sewing. Also, metallic fabric is very sensitive to heat and moisture. 
  • Sequin fabric is available in a variety of colors and styles with a sheer or black backing. The more expensive sequin fabric is sewn while the less expensive is glued. Steam and high heat can discolor and melt sequins. 
  • Shimmer stretch knit is a nylon/spandex blend. Slinky fabric is an acetate/spandex blend. Both have horizontal and vertical stretch.
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